The breakfast

“He put the coffee into the cup, He put the milk into the cup of coffee, He put the sugar into the café au lait”
Breakfast by Jacques Prévert


Breakfast is a moment of conviviality, enabling us to start the day off well.

Les3chambres provides a French-style breakfast for you, served in the turquoise library lounge from 8am to 9.30am every day, except on Sunday (from 8.30am to 9.30am).

Particular attention is paid to the choice of products for breakfast. I favor organic ingredients that reflect the principle of the slow-food philosophy. Everything is fresh and homemade or comes from local artisans that I have selected for the quality of their products.

If you have special dietary requirements due to a food intolerance or allergy, I would be pleased to provide you with alternative choices.

Les3chambres à Paris - petit déjeuner

As you awake, the aroma of fresh bread and coffee will guide you to the turquoise library lounge

where a gourmet homemade breakfast will be served.

A powerful, aromatic terroir coffee, from the most prestigious Ethiopian coffee gardens, will be freshly brewed for you.

This coffee will bring you generosity to the palate with its mixed aromas of apricot, licorice, jasmine and cocoa.

Les3chambres à Paris - l'heure du café
Les3chambres à Paris - petit déjeuner

Delicacy, elegance, taste, beauty and chic will give rhythm to your breakfast

around fresh croissants from our local artisan baker and homemade jams made from the fruit from my family’s gardens and orchards.

Each morning, at the crack of dawn, I prepare the breakfast in my kitchen…

the organic fruits, coming from producers in Ile de France or Anjou, are freshly cut; citrus fruits from the French Riviera or Sicily are pressed at the last possible moment; and the bread is straight out of the baker’s oven.

Les3chambres à Paris - breakfast time
Les3chambres à Paris - douceur du matin

Breakfast at les3chambres is a party around homemade cakes and tarts.

The fruits, flour, yoghurts, milk and butter all come from organic and integrated farming sources.

Les3chambres offers you a selection of teas from Mariage Frères, the famous and prestigious tea company founded in Paris in 1854.

Among our selection you will find: A sumptuous Earl Grey, a blend of full-flavored Ceylon teas with a subtle scent of bergamot; the very British English Breakfast, aromatic, colorful and full-bodied; Fuji-Yama, a green tea from Japan with a bright and invigorating taste, rich in vitamin C; and Darjeeling Master, a mixture of organic Himalayan teas with a rich aroma and balanced taste.

Les3chambres à Paris - Thé Mariage
Les3chambres à Paris - petit déjeuner

And as the good goes with the beautiful…

white porcelain, fine glassware, serving dishes, family silver, linen napkins, colorful pottery, flowers and candles sublimate breads, cakes and fruits.

Pleasures of sight and palate, for a good start to the day, before setting off to discover Paris

walk down the covered passages, through the gardens of the Palais Royal arriving finally at the Louvre Museum.

Les3chambres à Paris - saveur du matin