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A little history of rue Bleue

The Rue Bleue Paris 9

15 Apr 2021

The rue Bleue is bordered to the east by the rue du Faubourg Poissonnière which delimits the 9th arrondissement from the 10th arrondissement, a former tidal path which allowed from Boulogne in the north of France to supply the Halles de Paris with fish.

The frogs valley

Until the 17th century, what is now the rue Bleue was a vast area of swamps dotted with meadows and orchards where there was a wet place called Vallaroneux, valley of the frogs.

The first evocation of the rue Bleue found in a plan by Gomboust of 1652 under the name of ruelle des Volarnaux, the valley of the frogs.

The rue d’Enfer

In 1714 the street took the name of rue d’Enfer as opposed to rue Paradis in the extension of this one in the 10th arrondissement. The street took this name from the hellish din that soldiers made when they walked back to their barracks on the cobblestones.

The real estate boom

The street and the district really developed at the end of the Ancien Régime, new apartment buildings and private mansions were built.

Many residents are then unhappy with the unflattering name of their street, rue d’Enfer.

The eyes of the Countess of Buffon

It is thanks to the duc d’Orleans, father of the future King Louis Philippe, that the street changed its name and became the rue Bleue.

Indeed he had a sentimental adventure with Mme de la Mole de Cépoy, Countess of Buffon, who lived at 11 rue d’Enfer.

She was lovely and he said to her one day:

ʻʻYour beautiful eyes know how to turn hell into paradise and they are blue. Do you want the street to take the same color?

For the beautiful eyes of the Countess of Buffon, the Duke of Orleans obtained by a decision of the King’s Council the change of name of the street on February 19, 1789. The rue d’Enfer became rue Bleue !

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