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19 Jun 2021

It’s 6.30am … Paris is waking up

Did you know that every morning, a little before 7 a.m., while you are still asleep, I start preparing your breakfast that you will find drawn up on an elegant table in the turquoise living room, illuminated with candles and with a musical background, most often classical music.

Butter and jams

It’s time to take the butter dishes out of the fridge, as well as the homemade yogurts the day before with organic whole milk and slightly sweetened.
The jams, I present 3 of different kinds each morning, are presented in small glass ramekins which showcases the color of the fruit by transparency … the jams are homemade with the fruits of our family’s gardens in the southwest and I am lucky to have a father passionate about jams since he retired and who, every year, depending on the season, makes his own jams with the cherries, strawberries, plumbs and figs of our garden.

Oranges, apples and vitamins

Then comes the citrus moment that most often come from the south of France or Sicily, and prepare the daily dose of vitamins.
This morning I am going to squeeze oranges and grapefruits, I like to mix these 2 citrus fruits and mix their flavors both sweet and tangy.
And that color in the glasses! … which really wakes up the most sleepy eyes.
I also prepare every morning a fresh fruit salad with seasonal fruits, just sprinkled with a squeeze of lemon and (I give you one of my tips) with a few chopped mint leaves which spices up the taste of the fruits … at the moment, it is the season of apples, pears and kiwis. But when end of spring arrives, we have all the red fruits to sublimate the fruits salad with some basil.

Les coulisses du petit déjeuner à les3chambres paris
Les coulisses du petit déjeurner à les3chambres paris
Les coulisses du petit déjeurner à les3chambres paris
Les coulisses du petit déjeurner à les3chambres paris
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Walk to the bakery

Come on, it’s time to go out early in the morning, rain or shine, while the city is barely waking up, head to my neighborhood baker to get the fresh baguette and succulent butter croissants … already in the street, long before the bakery, a smell of butter and fresh bread seizes you and guides you.
And what would a French breakfast be without the traditional baguette and the essential butter croissant?

After this morning getaway, the clock is ticking and I can already hear my first guests get up, the showers are running and I can finally set the table, place the fruit juices, yogurts and fruit salads in the center of each plate without forgetting the basket of bread and croissants which perfume the turquoise living room.

My moment just for me

I always have a few minutes left to drink my coffee and prepare my toast with butter and jam… a childhood ritual, a sort of Proust madeleine that I could not do without.

It is 8:02 am, the first guests arrive, their eyes still full of sleep and an undeniable pleasure to discover the delicious gourmet things that await them

Enjoy your food…

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