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Les3chambres Paris, it is also me, your host, Laurent

Laurent, your host of les3chambres Paris

11 Aug 2021

Les3chambres-Paris, it’s also Me, your host!
You will see me during your stay as I welcome you into my apartment, so I can take care of according to your wishes.

We will talk about your day, your expectations, and your discoveries in Paris. I will recommend our local restaurant l’Office, only 3 minutes walking distance from home, as they cook French style, a creative cuisine that you will enjoy for sure!

You may ask me what is this delicious sweet smell in the apartment? I’ll take you into my kitchen to share with you few secrets of the best pâtisserie delights, that I’ll serve you for your breakfast the next day.

As many of you may already know, I love to cook for you, for your breakfast and share specialities from Périgord, from my grand mothers and my Mum. I bake them all year around, following season to deliver all the freshness of products.

Springtime, you will enjoy an homemade cherries pies or apricots pies , recipe from Marie Claude, my Mum. A fabulous mix between almond cream and fruits.

If you stay at the end of summer, you will be lucky to enjoy my favorite one, the figues tart, knowing that fruits are coming from our Family gardens. I love it so much!

In Autumn and winter, pears and apples will be there to complete this tasty panel, with also the rhubarb tart from Grand Ma Hélène.

A little advice, come and visit me all year around to travel also with an homemade gastronomy, cooked with love.

When I was a child, I spent all my holidays in Périgord, in the South West of France, with my grandparents, who passed on their values to me from their land.

Values that are both strong and simple, of hospitality, authenticity, generosity, delicacies that have built me, they have become my roots and they still resonate today as far as Paris in the heart of my Guesthouse Les3chambres Paris.

It is from the earth, the work of the vegetable garden, the vine that I learned the seasonality of the products, to distinguish their freshness, to appreciate their quality, to forge a taste for myself, to become an Epicurean, to learn to cook with my grandmothers and especially to receive and to give.

Les3chambres Paris is all of this … the fruit of a terroir in the heart of Paris where you will live a unique experience in the discreet luxury of a Haussmann apartment, the perfect location to stay in Paris to discover and enjoy a unique experience, away from big hotels.

You will taste the charm of a peaceful, simple, authentic and intimate life there, where I will share with you my history and also my delicacies that you will enjoy for breakfast.

You will be taking care of a maximum, into this cosy and intimate Family place. Think about a love escape for the weekend, breathe, and just enjoy the charming decoration with us!

There are no secrets or miracles … when the world moves too fast, getting back to basics has never been so relevant, especially today.

I like to come back to this essential, my land, my grandmother Hélène, who still lives in Périgord at 97 years old.

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